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The Division of Social and Engineering Psychology held 2012 annual meeting
2013-01-31    Author:Yanan Chen    From:

  The 2012 annual meeting of Division of Social and Engineering Psychology, Institute of Psychology, CAS, was held on Jan.25th, 2013 in Beijing.More than100 graduate students and several teachers including Prof.Kan Zhang, Prof.Xianghong Sun, Prof.Shu Li, Prof.Tingshao Zhu etc, took part in the meeting.

      Thirteen graduate students represent their labs and made presentations on their researches in the meeting. Ten graduate students showed their research on posters.

       Three graduated students of our lab showed their works. After comparison, Ms. Yiran Yuan and Mr.Jun Jiao wined the third prize of presentation; Ms. Hongxia Duan wined the second prize of poster. Congratulations to them!

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