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     In the field of applied psychology, EPHF lab focuses on driving safety and various issues in the area of engineering psychology and human factors. EPHF Lab also aims at improving the usability of various products. We have good cooperation with several companies and institutes in the past ten years, such as Tsinghua University, China Academy of Safety Science and Technology, Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering, Honeywell Lab, Copenhagen Business School. In the aviation psychology research, we provide a feasible and reliable evidence for aircraft cockpit design. The technology of HB5520-80 aircraft cockpit red lighting solved the problem of night lighting in domestic aircraft and accessed to the State Science and Technology Advancement Award, Third Class.


2011, Offical Website of Cellphone (Motorola)

2010.6-2011.12  The  curriculum development of Daya bay to prevent human errors  (CGNPC)

2010.6-2010.12 Usability research of market service driver and programmable logic controller(Siemens)

2010.3-2010.11 Related knowledge training about people's physiological and psychological system under a state of emergency(Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineering)

2010.6-2010.12 Design and Evaluation of Smart Dashboard (Schneider)

2008.7-2009.5  Multimodal Interaction Solutions for Chinese Text Entry: Human Factors Studies (NOKIA)

2008.9-2010.6 Research on Standards of Human-machine Engineering Evaluation (The Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense)

2007,Mobile Learning Prototype (NOKIA)

2007.12-2008.6 Eye-hand Coordination of Specific Groups

2007-2009 Research and Revise on Standards of Human-machine Engineering Evaluation (The Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense)

2007,The Reputation of Mobile Service and its Influencing Factors  (Frost & Sullivan)

2007,The usability testing of  Mobile Service (Beijing Mobile)

2007,12530 Interactive Voice Response Platform  (Beijing Mobile)

2007-2012 The study on accident proneness test (Beijing Sunheart Simulation Technology Ltd)

2007-2008 The Research of Evacuated and Escape Behavior of Chinese People  ( 2008 Olympic Office)

2007-2008,Website design of Chins Science and Technology Museum  (China Association for Science and Technology)

2005-2006 Car Drivers’ Condition Monitoring System  (Siemens)

2005,Implementing Gaming Experience on User Interface Design for Automation Software  (Siemens)

2004-2012 Fire Information Display  (Honeywell,USA)

2003,Research of Media Player System  (Lenovo)


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